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Hello World!

Welcome to – I guess it’s never too late to start a blog! We have been operating since 2019 and have always had the idea of publishing a blog to keep all our friends and customers up-to-date with what’s going on! Two years have passed since then and it’s time we get this blog up and running.

The Aquasnails idea was born on the small island of Malta in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Our objective was to cater specifically for the needs of freshwater snails and their keepers/breeders. We always felt that this niche was not well served locally. The snails that the local shops used to carry were limited to the usual range (zebra nerites, ramshorn snails, tracked nerites and not much more). Also, we wanted to get to know the local snail keeping community because, as far as we were concerned, back then, we were a lost voice in the desert! We soon realised we were very wrong! 🙂

We started off by opening a Facebook page and a corresponding Facebook group. It is through these channels that we shared information on breeding/keeping. We also introduced own range of snail food and supplements and worked closely with local breeders and keepers.

Back in 2019, we realised that there was space for an online, local aquatic shop in Malta. None of the big players had invested into this and our small group of very loyal breeders and keepers kept mentioning this to us. We decided to dive headfirst and set up and the now well-known online shop!

Slowly but incessantly, we expanded our product offering and opened up to all other invertebrates as well (shrimps, crabs, clams, mussels, crayfish and more). Around Feb/Mar 2020, when the COVID pandemic started approaching the island, as certain shops started to close down, we continued to serve our customers through the online website. We put our back into making sure that our customers find whatever they needed in the website.

We started expanding in other areas: nano tanks and their nano inhabitants, planted tanks, aquascaping, aquascaping supplies, etc… We made a lot of friends along the way and our partner network of breeders, keepers and growers has expanded locally. We are very proud and thankful to be able to source some of the livestock and plants from our local partners.

We might not be able to cover all types of fishkeeping areas but we wanted to remain close to our favourites: invertebrates. However, we definitely make sure that we address the needs of all aquatic invertebrate keepers!

To commemorate the upcoming two years of the operation, we will be introducing some changes to our website which I am hoping you will all appreciate. We will be sharing these updates in the next posts!

I look forward to share more thoughts, ideas, news, stories and whatever the Aquasnails life throws at us in the next weeks, months and hopefully years!

Until then, stay safe and take care of one another!

Nathan, obo Aquasnails Team

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