Easy-Life Bio-Exit Green

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  • Inhibits algae growth.
  • Prevents biological disbalance.
  • Innovative formula of specific organic acids.
  • Sees to an attractive plant view.
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A biological imbalance can cause plants to grow poorly and leak sugars. These sugars can serve as food sources for unsightly algae (such as beard algae, filamentous algae, brush algae and brown algae). Bio-Exit Green restores this biological balance by countering the leakage of sugars in plants by offering a unique mix of specific organic acids and growth stimulators.

When used correctly, it is not harmful to fish, plants, shrimps and other invertebrates.

Use: Shake before use. Remove activated carbon. Do not overdose.

Balance treatment during 2 weeks:

  • Day 1: 10 ml per 40 liters (10 US Gallons)of water
  • Day 7: 10 ml per 40 liters (10 US Gallons) of water
  • Day 14: change the water

No water changes during the treatment.

If the result is insufficient, this balance treatment can be repeated.

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