Juwel Carbax Activated Carbon Granules

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Key features:

  • Part of the Juwel filter system
  • Absorbs odours and turbid substances
  • Absorbs toxic compounds
  • Filters out medication residues
  • Has a purely biological effect
  • Different sizes
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The Juwel Carbax is a highly effective activated carbon that is an optional component of the Juwel filter system and reliably absorbs toxic compounds, medication residues and odours in your aquarium.

In your aquarium, all residents should feel as comfortable as possible. In addition to feeding and fertilising your aquatic plants, this also includes cleaning and regular partial water changes. So that your aquarium water is also always as clean as possible and many useful bacteria can colonise, you should, therefore, use a good internal filter, such as the Juwel Bioflow internal filter.

The Juwel Bioflow has been scientifically tested several times by independent institutes and has long been one of the world’s leading filter systems for modern aquaristics and has proven itself millions of times over. The Juwel Bioflow filter system is characterised by its particularly large filter volume. This offers space for excellent mechanical, chemical and biological filtering and ensures long filter service life and long maintenance intervals. The design of the filter also gives you easy access to the pump and heater, and the use of special filter baskets ensures easy removal and cleaning of the filter media.
The unique dual flow principle of the Juwel BioFlow filter system ensures that different flow velocities are achieved in the filter and thus contributes significantly to the extraordinarily high filter performance of the Bioflow system. A comparatively fast flow rate is particularly advantageous for mechanical and chemical filtering in the upper filter area. Slower flow velocity in the lower area of the filter, on the other hand, favours the optimal development of anaerobic bacteria, which are essential for biological filtering.

Juwel Bioflow filters are equipped with a highly efficient and whisper-quiet Eccoflow circulation pump, the performance of which is matched to the size of the filter system according to scientific criteria. The Bioflow filters are also prepared for the admission of the Juwel heaters, which are thus optimally integrated into the water cycle and ensure even heat distribution in all areas of your aquarium. The Bioflow filter system does not require performance-reducing hose connections, which are often the cause of leaks. The Bioflow system is the safest way to filter the water in the aquarium.

Each Bioflow system is equipped with five high-quality filter media. The optional Carbax basket is in the 6th place. This filter medium sets new standards in aquarium filtering with activated carbon. Carbax is a highly effective, hard coal-based granular activated carbon that was specially developed for cleaning and decolourising water-based liquids. Unlike common carbon filter media, the entire activated carbon grain is fully activated at Carbax and not just the grain surface. Carbax thus binds discolourations, odorous substances and toxic substances in a particularly long-lasting and quick manner and ensures crystal-clear water in your aquarium.

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