Shrimps Forever Delight Algae Paste

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Shrimps Forever delight algae paste is a complete paste feed for shrimp. This feed is made from a mix of different algae and vegetables. Natural minerals have been added for good moulting.

Content: 50 grams.

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Shrimp Forever delight algae paste is a complete paste feed that offers shrimps everything they need. Algae paste is a mixture of different algae and vegetables to which natural minerals have been added. This gives shrimps everything they need for good growth, color, breeding and moulting.

Because this feed is made from selected natural products, you are always sure of a high quality product. Due to a good balance between different ingredients, this feed is rich in vegetable proteins for optimal cell construction and growth. Due to the addition of natural minerals, natural colors are enhanced. In addition, this feed is rich in fiber which promotes digestion and feed intake for shrimps.


Fish meal, spirulina, nettle, yeast extract, vegetable by-products and proteins, amino acids, mineral premix, vitamin premix, vitamin B complex.


Shrimps Forever delight algae paste is suitable as a daily feed. Feed what the shrimp eat in about 3 to 4 hours. Remove residual paste feed.

Contents: 50 grams in the form of soft paste.

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