Shrimps Forever Multizyme

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Shrimps Forever multizyme is a multivitamin/enzyme mix which gives the immune system and resistance of (young) shrimp a boost and therefore reduces mortality among the shrimp. Helps increasing the survival rate of young shrimp.

Content: 40 grams.

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Shrimps Forever polyenzyme enchances the strengthening of the digestive system and immune system of young and adult shrimp. This will significantly increases the survival range among young, just born shrimp as they can absorb the nutrients better and are able to prevent diseases already at an early stage.

Polyenzyme contains digestive enzymes and offers the best possible additions in the young stage of the shrimps. Contains bacteria, micro organisms and the necessary materials to provide the young shrimp with the right supplements in the first months.

Besides adding good enzymes and bacteria, micro organisms are added to the water which breaks down and neutralizes hazardous substances such as nitrite. This is a comparable product to Biomax polytase but more profitable.

Ingredients and dosage

Contains enzymes, bacteria and microorganisms. Feed each day approximately half a spoon (included) per 100 liters of water, preferably when the light is off.

Content: 40 grams in the form of powder

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