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AMTRA VEGA LED FRESH LAMP – “FULL LED” light for freshwater aquariums with DIMMER and glass edge fixing (max 12mm)


  • Professional LED ceiling light for small freshwater aquariums, caridinai, Aquascaping. Integrated DIMMER to set light intensity and wavelength on two separate channels
  • Glass edge attachment (maximum 12mm thickness). Transparent acrylic arm. Height 9cm from glass edge.
  • Freshwater-fresh water version: FULL LED (white + red + blue)
  • Professional version suitable for the cultivation of even very demanding aquatic plants / for Aquascaping. Recommended for open Tanks with a maximum surface of 25x25cm
  • Refined and elegant design thanks to the extremely thin and unobtrusive lines. High quality materials: upper part in aluminum to optimize the dispersion of the heat produced by the LEDs

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AMTRA LAMP VEGA LED FRESH – line of professional “FULL LED” lights for small freshwater aquariums.

  • Equipped with a glass edge connection (maximum 12 mm thick) and DIMMER for adjusting the light intensity and color temperature on two channels (CHANNEL 1 white + red LEDs – CHANNEL 2 blue LEDs)
  • Quick and easy installation thanks to the practical attachment: just place the light on the glass edge and manually tighten the two fixing screws.
  • Arm in elegant transparent acrylic to minimize the aesthetic impact of the light on the tank.
  • The height of the lamp with respect to the glass edge on which it is installed is 9 cm.

Available in three sizes:
6.8 Watt – lamp length (support excluded) 176mm – WHITE LED 12 / RED LED 2 / BLUE LED 4 – 488 Lumen – ideal for aquariums with a maximum surface area of ​​25×25 cm
8,6 Watt – lamp length (support excluded) 202mm – WHITE LED 12 / RED LED 2 / BLUE LED 4 – 578 Lumen – ideal for aquariums with a maximum surface area of ​​30×30 cm
10.5 Watt – length (support excluded) 252mm – WHITE LED 18 / RED LED 2 / BLUE LED 7 – 640 Lumen – ideal for aquariums with a maximum surface area of ​​40×40 cm

Thanks to the minimalist design lines, the light is particularly pleasing to the eye. The upper part of the lamp is made of aluminum, a material which guarantees the correct dissipation of the heat generated by the powerful LEDs and which gives the light sturdiness and solidity.

The LEDs specifically developed to support the photosynthetic activity of plants and consequently the correct plant growth make this device particularly suitable for use in aquariums richly planted and managed with Aquascaping techniques.

The dimming of the LEDs is very simple and is done manually using the button on the lamp switch. With the ON / OFF key it is possible to select the different channels: CHANNEL 1 + CHANNEL 2 OFF / CHANNEL 1 ON and CHANNEL 2 OFF / CHANNEL 2 ON and CHANNEL 1 OFF / CHANNEL 1 + CHANNEL 2 ON. To adjust the light intensity of the individual channels, simply use the “+” and “-” keys directly when the single ON channel has been selected. Once the desired light intensity has been selected for each of the 2 channels, simply put the lamp in CHANNEL 1 + CHANNEL 2 ON mode. The lamp has a “memory” and therefore every time it is turned off and on (either with the ON / OFF button or via a mechanical timer not included in the package) it will always turn on again with the intensity previously set.

AMTRA LIGHT VEGA LED FRESH – the complete line consists of:
– AMTRA LIGHT VEGA LED FRESH 6.8 Watt – 488 Lumen / ITEM CODE A6149260
– AMTRA LIGHT VEGA LED FRESH 8.6 Watt – 578 Lumen / ITEM CODE A6149261
– AMTRA LIGHT VEGA LED FRESH 10.5 Watt – 640 Lumen / ITEM CODE A6149262

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Power (W)

10.5W, 6.8W, 8.6W



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