Easy-Life Bio-Exit Blue

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Easy-Life Bio-Exit Blue promotes the development of heterotrophic soil bacteria that metabolize animal waste products and thus counteract the formation of blue-green algae. When used properly, Easy-Life Bio-Exit Blue completely restores the microbiological balance in the substrate.

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A microbiological imbalance of soil bacteria can ensure that blue algae or cyanobacteria have the opportunity to grow. Bio-Exit Blue strongly stimulates the growth of heterotrophic soil bacteria. In this way the microbiological balance in the soil can be completely restored.

When used correctly, it is not harmful to fish, plants, shrimps and other invertebrates.

Use: Shake before use. Remove activated carbon. Do not overdose.

Balance treatment during 2 weeks:

  • Day 1: 10 ml per 40 liters (10 US Gallons)of water
  • Day 7: 10 ml per 40 liters (10 US Gallons) of water
  • Day 14: change the water. No water changes during the treatment.

If the result is insufficient, this balanced treatment can be repeated.

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