Half Coconut

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The half coconut is easy to use within the aquarium and can still be finished as desired (holes/plants).

The half coconut provides natural hiding places and the addition of good substances (tannins and humic acids) to the water.

Size: 8-10 centimeters.

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The half coconut is easy to apply within the aquarium and can still be finished as desired. The half coconut is roughly finished and does not yet have holes. This allows you to place holes where you wish. Due to the rough finish on the outside, aquarium plants and / or aquarium mosses attach well to the surface of the coconut.

The half coconut naturally provides hiding places in the aquarium. In addition, the natural products are also full of good substances (tannins). These tannins can be compared to the effects of catappa products. For example, these substances together with humic acids ensure that the pH can drop naturally. These substances also have an antibacterial and stress-reducing effect.

The half coconut can color the water slightly brown, which is why it is also suitable for creating a blackwater biotope. Because the half coconut is a natural product, it can differ in shape and size.

Size: 8-10 centimeters in diameter.

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