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White Cloud Mountain Minnow

white cloud mountain minnow

The White Cloud Mountain minnow (Tanichthys albonubes) is a hardy species of freshwater fish and coldwater fish often kept in an aquarium.

The species is a member of the carp family (family Cyprinidae) of the order Cypriniformes native to China.

The White Cloud Mountain minnow is practically extinct in its native habitat, due to pollution and tourism. It was believed to be extinct for over 20 years in 1980, but an apparently native population of this fish was discovered on Hainan Island, well away from the White Cloud Mountain.

They are bred in farms and are easily available through the aquarium trade.

White cloud mountain minnows should be kept in good-sized schools, preferably of a half dozen or more. When kept singly, they tend to lose color and hide most of the time. They are peaceful and fit well with other small peaceful fish.

Avoid larger tankmates, as they will be inclined to eat white cloud mountain minnows. The same is true of any aggressive species.

When kept in the right temperature range, this species of fish is very hardy and well suited for the beginner hobbyist. Although undemanding when it comes to water quality, this minnow does not deal with heat well. There is evidence that keeping white cloud mountain minnows in water that is constantly above 72 F (22 C) will shorten their lifespan.

You can read more about this beautiful coldwater fish here. These minnows are also available in our online shop.

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MAS event – 25 July 2021

Good morning all.

For those of you who live in Malta, we just wanted to let you know about a meeting being organised by the Malta Aquarist Society next Sunday, 25 July 2021 at 09:30.

The meeting will be held at the Society’s new premises which is situated in Fgura. The full address is 37, St. Paul, Triq is-Summiena, Fgura.

An interesting discussion will be held on how to take care of your fish / plants during summer. What tricks should be used during a heatwave? And when the lights goes off… what should we do? It’s an opportunity to discuss with experienced fish keepers and share the knowledge and tricks!

As the local distributors of the Tropical brand in Malta, Tropical food will be on sale as well there. Free Samples of TropiCAT and TropiDOG provided by Tropical food will be available.

The tableshow for the day will be that of “One Pleco”.