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Stop Finning – Stop the trade

This blog post is going to be an exception for us as it is not related to freshwater invertebrates. It is intended to raise awareness on the atrocious and cruel practice of Shark Finning.

Even though Shark Awareness Day was held on 14 July, we felt that we can still do our part to help the Stop Finning initiative and get the message out.

Did you know that hundreds of sharks are killed every single minute for “Shark Fin Soup”?

The EU is a major player in this bloody, multimillion Euro industry. But we now have the chance to stop killing sharks for their fins by finally ending the trade with
shark fins in Europe.

The EU Citizens‘ Initiative “STOP FINNING – STOP THE TRADE” is more than a petition. It is a once in lifetime opportunity to change EU legislation and save the sharks.

Sign the petition at and do your part to help save these beautiful creatures.

Read more or donate to this cause at