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VIMI Reminamin – a balanced approach

vimi reminamin 250g

Depending on the type of aquatic plants that you keep, you may already be using Reverse Osmosis (RO) water and/or Deionized (DI) water. However, you should not overlook the need to add minerals back as plants (and even livestock) won’t do well otherwise.

One way of doing that is to use remineralisation powders – like VIMI Reminamin. This is a mixture of minerals ideal suited for RO (reverse osmosis) or DI (deionized) water to grow aquatic plants. Composition involves additional substances which increase aquarium plants resistance to stress when the conditions in aquarium change quickly. Safe for aquarium fish and invertebrates. Sodium (Na) salt free.

What are the advantages?

Its composition involves minerals, amino acids and other substances which increase aquarium plants’ resistance to stress when the conditions in aquarium change quickly, stimulates faster recovery after transplantation, cutting, fast change of aquarium conditions during the water change.

Calcium (Ca) to Magnesium (Mg) ratio is ideal for aquatic plants demand. Composition involves potassium (K) so there is less need of additional supplement of this element. Composition is Sodium (Na) free, which can stop healthy plant development.

The product has a balanced amount of carbonate hardness necessary for healthy plant growth. VIMI Reminamin composition involves essential micronutrients as well: iron, chloride (not chlorine), manganese and others.

Due to its special manufacturing technology, VIMI Reminamin is particularly readily soluble in water.

For more information on composition, dosage and other properties, take a look at the Product here.