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Unlocking the Hidden Benefits of Calcium Blocks for Freshwater Aquarium Snails and Shrimps

Keeping a freshwater aquarium is a rewarding hobby, and caring for its inhabitants is crucial for their overall health and well-being. When it comes to the specific needs of freshwater aquarium snails and shrimps, calcium plays a vital role in their development and shell formation. One effective way to meet their calcium requirements is by using calcium blocks in your aquarium. In this blog post, we will explore the numerous benefits of calcium blocks for these fascinating aquatic creatures and provide valuable insights for aquarium enthusiasts. Let’s dive in!

Promotes Shell and Exoskeleton Growth

Calcium is an essential mineral that aids in the growth and maintenance of shells in snails and exoskeletons in shrimps. Calcium blocks, typically made from calcium carbonate, provide a slow-release source of calcium that helps snails and shrimps develop strong and healthy shells. This promotes their overall longevity and enhances their resistance against potential shell-related issues.

mineral blocks
Mineral Blocks of different sizes – beneficial to shrimps and snails

Prevents Shell Degradation and Softening:

Inadequate calcium levels can lead to shell degradation and softening, making snails and shrimps vulnerable to injury, disease, and even death. Calcium blocks act as a preventive measure, ensuring a steady supply of calcium in the water. By maintaining optimal calcium levels, these blocks help snails and shrimps avoid shell-related ailments, such as shell erosion and deformities, ensuring their long-term health.

Supports Reproduction and Molting

Calcium is especially critical during reproductive periods and molting cycles. Snails and shrimps require additional calcium to develop eggs and produce healthy offspring. Calcium blocks serve as a readily available source of this essential mineral, ensuring successful reproduction. Additionally, during molting, when snails and shrimps shed their old shells, calcium blocks provide the necessary calcium for their new shells to form properly.

sl-aqua vitality
SL-Aqua Vitality – Lubao bags

Enhances Overall Health and Activity

Optimal calcium levels positively impact the overall health and activity levels of snails and shrimps. Calcium blocks contribute to maintaining a stable environment by buffering the water’s pH levels. This stability supports proper enzyme function, nerve transmission, and muscle contraction in these aquatic organisms. With enhanced health and vitality, snails and shrimps can display their natural behaviors, making for a more captivating aquarium experience.

Balances Water Hardness

Calcium blocks play a significant role in balancing water hardness, which is essential for the well-being of aquatic organisms. Snails and shrimps thrive in water with appropriate hardness levels, as it mimics their natural habitat. Calcium blocks help stabilize the water’s hardness by slowly releasing calcium carbonate, ensuring optimal conditions for these delicate creatures. Maintaining the right water hardness levels also supports the growth of beneficial bacteria, which aids in the breakdown of waste and helps maintain a healthy aquarium ecosystem.

shrimps forever biopowder
Shrimps Forever Bio-Powder


Incorporating calcium blocks into your freshwater aquarium is a simple yet effective strategy to promote the well-being of snails and shrimps. The benefits of these blocks extend far beyond shell and exoskeleton health, encompassing enhanced reproductive success, increased vitality, and a well-balanced aquatic environment. By recognizing the importance of calcium and providing the necessary resources, you can ensure the long-term health and enjoyment of your freshwater aquarium snails and shrimps. Invest in calcium blocks today and witness the remarkable difference they can make!

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Thou shall not pass!

Aquapoda prefilter options

How many times have you opened your hang-on back filter or your external canister filter to clean it and find shrimplets, fish fry or any other tiny creatures you breed or keep in there? A common occurrence, right?

Specifically for shrimp keepers, it seems to be quite challenging to find filter intakes that are the right size to avoid this problem. More often than not, we have to resort to two types of pre-filter sponges or sieves/guards that cover the intake pipes.

Speaking of pipes, we also love to use these when doing water changes for the exact same reason. I don’t want to grow shrimps or fish in my dirty water change tank (which I incidentally use to water my garden as plants live nitrates – win-win :-))

While some manufacturers provide add-on sieves, mesh guards or sponge foam, we found that a simple (and cheap) generic alternative will do the job well for most commonly used pipe sizes.

If you visit our AquaSnails shop, you will find two types of useful product for this purpose

Aquapoda Pre-filter Sponge Foam

Aquapoda Pre-filter sponge foam that is available in two sizes: 15mm and 22mm.

Aquapoda Stainless Steel Pre-Filter Filter Guards

These filter guards are sturdier options with a very fine mesh that makes them perfect for shrimp breeding tanks.

They are available in two sizes: 12mm and 16mm.

If you do need some additional supplies (J-Pipes, U-pipes, flexible pipes, taps, etc…), take a look at our Accessories section in the Aquasnails shop.